About me

All my life I have painted and drawn pictures.


There was no day without doing arts.


Art and fantasy are very important in my life.


My artworks are telling stories from the world in which Iive.


Mostly I paint my pictures during listening to music. The music is leading my brush.


Everything I paint is not really plant. One action leads to another. It is like a dialogue.

My Way as an artist

 1991 First price and poster of the exhibition called: "Bürger malen ihre Stadt" (Citiziens paint their city) Kulturverein  Zehntscheuer e.V. Rottenburg am Neckar


While working in the health system I did posters and wall paintings. In my freetime I did a lot of travelling to several countries. there I had alswaxs my camera and my pencil with me. I went to: Italy, France, England, Ireland, Greece, Bali, Australia, USA, La Réunion, Zanzibar und Guadeloupe.


2000-2012 Education in Painting and Drawing skills through: Thomas Kubisch, Livia Scholz-Breznay, Gerhard Schick, Prof. Jörg Bachhofer und Jan Bräumer


2013-2016 Bachelor studies in Expressive Arts in Social Transformation maine emphasis on visual arts in Hamburg


Since 2017 free female artist



Art Projects


2014 April-September Project in shelter for homeless people by doing together with them wallpaintings on the walls in the stairwell."Spuren hinterlassen", Bahrenfeld-Wir machen Kunst. http://bahrenfeld-macht-kunst.de


2014 Mai Room installation and wallpaintings theme: dementia. "Alles steht auf dem Kopf" Kunstklinik Martini, Veranstalter Kulturhaus Eppendorf.



2015 September-Dezember "Umoja Arts Project" im Umoja Training Center in Nungwi auf Sansibar/ Tansania. http://www.umoja-network.com/de/


2017 September Agenda Design Coaching Days Ernst-Abbe-University Jena




1991 "Bürger malen ihre Stadt", Kulturverein Zehntscheuer e.V. in Rottenburg am Neckar


2017 Art days Durlach Townhall Karlsruhe - Durlach


2017 Exhibiton Re.Formatio mit Kunstwettbewerb in Linkenheim-Hochstetten


2018 Art & Lyrik in der Contemporary Art Gallery bei Sarah Haberkern im Art & Antik, Stuttgart


2018 ARTe (Art Fair) und Art Price  "Alles Illusion", Sindelfingen


2018 Single Exhibiton in cooperation with Haberkern Contemporary Art Gallery im Café Moulu, Stuttgart.


2018 Group Exhibition fx-Künstler Karlsruhe townhall Weingarten (Baden)


2018 nominated for the Joseph und Anna Fassbender Art Prize Brühl   


2018 exhibition „Blick hinter die Kulissen“ ("behind the scenes"), Max-Ernst-Museum Brühl


2018 Group exhibition District Court Stuttgart with Kunst International Stuttgart


2018 Group exhibition „ Merry Christmas“ with Kunst International Stuttgart in the Art Gallery BonArThe in Bad Rappenau


2019 Group exhibition "Kunst trifft Buch" with the Art Group 12plus in the library in Bruchsal 


2020 Group exhibition "La Luna" Galerie Kunst Quartier (cancelled because of covid)


2020 Art Fair Kunstsalon Breisach city hall (cancelled because of covid)


2021 Group exhibition "La Luna" gallery Kunst Quartier Leonberg


       2021 Group exhibition "Spiegelungen" Kunst International Stuttgart Orangerie 

       Castle Schwetzingen